We believe people are eager to enhance their physical frames,
the ambiance they live in, work in, spend their lives in…
to improve their everyday life, by improving their environment.
We think specifically:
windows – floors – furniture – decorations – clothing
We are dedicated to help you helping people improve their everyday life.

To companies wanting to carry textile accessories, we help to:

/ Define how the core style of your company can be expressed in textile accessories and what will match that look
/ Propose solutions matching your ambition and the practical aspects
/ A worldwide network of textile manufacturers, allows us to find solutions that meet your wishes, be it a fabric specially designed for you, or special products based on existing textiles

We deliver a complete solution, including mock-ups, ready for you to start production.

To textile companies we make solutions based on:

/ Profound textile knowledge, particularly weaving and knitting, the result of 30 years of experience working with international, European/ Italian, and Asian textile production
/ Our ability of collecting details and combining elements in overviews
/ Knowledge of sustainable issues
/ 15 years of working with textile and colour trends internationally
/ Our roots in Scandinavian culture, design-language and colour-view

I use my weaver’s expertise, to help you to develop collections and designs, starting from your needs and wishes. Exploiting my understanding of technician’s skills, I work in close collaboration with the production.

We help you to create solutions that meet your expectations.

To companies in need of combinations of decoration and acoustics, we bring:

/ Our ability to listen to staff and managers, about their needs and whishes and merge these to a solution embracing aesthetics, sound-dampening, branding…
/ Design, coordination and supervision of practical aspects, we follow the matter through
/ Knowledge of solving acoustical problems

We aim to be analytical, practical, straightforward – and to make you feel confident.

We also deliver bespoke rugs……

On the matter of trends.

/ We have 15 years of know-how from working with trends globally, generic and specific
/ We design eye-catching and experimental fabrics, supported with images reflecting moods, lifestyle and colour atmosphere, for our customers’ marketing use / Colour-trends for fashion and interior
/ Trends in textiles for fashion and interior – yarns, fabrics, decoration
/ Translating trends into the product and reality of the customer: ’from trends to textiles’

Visit MMtrends.com for more info and references