Our ‘toolbox’ contains devices that allow us to help you to create solutions that correspond to your expectations.

We embrace overview and details, needs and wishes, community and individuals

Based on dialogue and brainstorm we design a draft and calculate a price. If you´re pleased, we´ll go ahead. If not, we’ll give it another try based on more dialogue with you.

Respecting dialogue as the core in our work process, we can be sure that you feel ownership of the result, a very important issue for us.

We design, coordinate and supervise practical aspects, we follow the matter through.

We provide solutions.

“We have experienced only exquisite creativity combined with good dialogue and not least quality in both planning and execution”, says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, Director, Nordea-fonden

“This process has been a novelty for DHL, but in the safe hands of Marie-Louise, and with her pronounced feel for quality in every detail, a both aesthetic, decorative and environmentally functional solution has been completed…..Thanks!” Christian Høy-Petersen, Administrationschef, DHL Express Danmark



I can bring  you:

  • 30 years of experience working with international, esp. Italian,
    textile production.
  • my roots in Nordic culture, design language and colour-view.
  • a thorough knowledge of the Nordic market.
  • a broad contact with the North European market regarding
    design and fashion.
  • knowledge of solving acoustical problems.

Drawing on my weaver’s expertise, I help you developing designs, in close collaboration with the production, giving the best results:

  • dialogue between the involved parties prevents misinterpretation.
  • new solutions arise in the team-work.
  • challenges can be shifted to benefit the product.
  • part of design can be developed directly on the loom under
    industrial settings.
  • this whole process is faster, with fewer errors and a better outcome.

I can help you to create solutions that meet your expectations.