I believe that curiosity and design method is the foundation stone of all innovation.

What: I’m strongly based in the textile expertise. I’m drawn to bridging elements. I implement the characteristics of one thing into a new use.
There is always an uncertainty to innovation. Therefore I base a project partly on well-known knowledge. I create strong partnerships with suitable suppliers and collaborators.
It’s crucial for me to be on eyelevel with all involved and to ensure that all are on the same track.
Once a good base is established I can move into unknown areas with confidence. It’s my pride that the process is smooth.

For who: We do projects for example for
– a fabric company, with or without own production facilities, who wants us to develop a new quality or design a collection of textiles
– a company who want to have textile accessories
– an architect wanting a special fabric for a furniture
– an interior designer wanting carpets for a specific project.

How: Our method begins by getting to know the DNA of the customer – their wishes, needs, practical ambitions – (e.g. do they want their own fabric and design or can we base the project on existing textile qualities; what’s the volume they will need, what are their ambitions regarding sustainability)
Once the frame for the collaboration is defined, we start sketching to delimit the direction in function, aesthetics, practical aspects, etc.
When these aspects are clear, the actual development of the product begins in close collaboration with the customer and all others involved.
We take the task to the point where the customer wants to take over.

When working with trends:
We are rooted in practical knowledge we have gathered from working with textile industries around the world for over than 30 years.
This forms a solid base for researching and detecting trends. We work with a dedicated group of designers from different places in the world.
For more than 15 years we have delivered trends for fashion and interior for colours, yarns, qualities and decoration.
We aim to bridge trends and textiles so we can give the customer information they can transform into fabrics….we don’t use fluffy trend words.
Learn more about our trend work on MMtrends.com.