The work of these people are our foremost inspiration

To be puzzled. Claude Cormier.

Perceive the traces of the making as embellishment. Le Corbusier: Cathedral of Ronchamp.

Telling a story in colour blocks. Rothko.

Exploiting the limits of techniques and materials. Junichi Arai.

Cut to the bone. Matisse.

To achieve so much expression by so simple means. Fred Sandback.

Drawing traditional technique into modern design language. Issey Miyake.

Fusion of Arab ornament and Western architecture. Jean Nouvel: Institute Arabe, Paris.

Sortening the edges and colours of a rigid design by the help of an ancient technique. Jun Tomita.

Exploiting the weightless of fabric. Jack Lenor Larsson.

Pattern, more simple than it looks.

A sign or a gesture - in a powerful material. Richard Serra.

An expression - made with a steady hand. Soulages.

When elite enterprise is designed for and embraced by everybody. Snöhetta: Oslo Opera House

Exploiting materials creating poetry. Reiko Sudo, Nuno Fabrics.

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