ZERO Textile for sofa NEXT STOP designed by Luca Niichetto for Sancal.

To companies wanting to carry textile accessories, we help to:

/ Define how the core style of your company can be expressed in textile accessories and what will match that look
/ Propose solutions matching your ambition and the practical aspects
/ A worldwide network of textile manufacturers, allows us to find solutions that meet your wishes, be it a fabric specially designed for you, or special products based on existing textiles

We deliver a complete solution, including mock-ups, ready for you to start production.

To textile companies we make solutions based on:

/ Profound textile knowledge, particularly weaving and knitting, the result of 30 years of experience working with international, European/ Italian, and Asian textile production
/ Our ability of collecting details and combining elements in overviews
/ Knowledge of sustainable issues
/ 15 years of working with textile and colour trends internationally
/ Our roots in Scandinavian culture, design-language and colour-view

I use my weaver’s expertise, to help you to develop collections and designs, starting from your needs and wishes. Exploiting my understanding of technician’s skills, I work in close collaboration with the production.

We help you to create solutions that meet your expectations.

To companies in need of combinations of decoration, branding and acoustics, we bring:

/ Our ability to listen to staff and managers, about their needs and whishes and merge these to a solution embracing aesthetics, sound-dampening, branding…
/ Design, coordination and supervision of practical aspects, we follow the matter through
/ Knowledge of solving acoustical problems

We aim to be analytical, practical, straightforward – and to make you feel confident.

We also supply bespoke rugs……

On the matter of trends:

Our approach to fashion and interior trends goes through the skill of being a textile designer. We are rooted in practical textile knowledge, in our Nordic upbringing and our global living, in more than 30 years of experience from textile industries around the world. We think that curiosity and design method is the foundation stone of all innovation. All this is the base from which we for the last 15 years have researched and detected trends for the benefit of fashion and interior textiles and colours.
/ We design eye-catching and experimental fabrics, supported with images reflecting moods, lifestyle and colour atmosphere, for our customers’ marketing use
/ Colour-trends for fashion and interior
/ Trends in textiles for fashion and interior – yarns, fabrics, decoration
/ Translating trends into the product and reality of the customer: ’bridging trends and textiles’

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Our customers say:

Judy Ji, fabric specialist, Bestseller United China Ltd
“I’ve been an R&D role in H&M for 5years and now fabric specialist for Bestseller for 1 year. I’ve seen a lot of trends from different brands and many different kinds of fabrics every season.
Sometimes I feel its quite blur ..What you’ve showed us is quite clear and inspiring! I feel can apply on our developing easily . I believe you must have done a lot research and have strong fabric knowledge background. I appreciate to have the chance to join the meeting.”

Y.K.Youn, Shinjintex Co., Ltd., KOREA
“It is always my pleasure to see you who are not just creative trend setter but have enough production/technical knowledge to support it.
Indeed, as you may know, we are not strong in F/W season.
So even with your help, it was not easy to have fruitful results.
But your lecture for S/S is very much helpful, as any idea comes to my mind just after your each lesson/topic.
I hope that you can see many of your ideas in our 2020 S/S collections.”

Henrik Lehmann Andersen, CEO, Nordea-fonden, DK
“We have experienced only exquisite creativity combined with good dialogue and not least quality in both planning and execution.”  

Christian Høy-Petersen, Business Administration Manager, DHL Express, DK
“This process has been a novelty for DHL, but in the safe hands of Marie-Louise, and with her pronounced feel for quality in every detail, a both aesthetic, decorative and environmentally functional solution has been completed…..Thanks!”