Learning together with people of different skills enrich and broaden everyone’s horizons.

When teaching I have two goals: textile, sustainability, trends or colours and the importance of collaboration.

I am passionate about passing on all I know about a subject as well as methods for exploring a matter or a topic. Aware that we cannot know everything, curiosity is the quality that can help us find what we need to know.

“Marie-Louise creates with her energetic workshops a unique experience for our students which they take with them and use as a design tool while they develop their own design methodology. 
The combination of her many years of experience and her antennae for future trends give her a unique way of looking at things, which works inspiring for all!”
Joost Jansen, Studio Leader Eindhoven Design Academy

Students, who will end up in jobs where they have to work together with people of other competences, need to be able to speak and otherwise communicate in a language understood by all involved.

Students must learn to work in groups within a larger group – be responsible, have respect and be open to the large group’s input and learn not to feel overruled, but to know that their effort is important for the result, even if it’s not visible.

To facilitate a group work is establishing a democratic process.

Suthini Tanangsnakool, Deputy Director “- Sense-making: When you act as moderator and a time-keeper to encourage people to reflect on the presentation
– Cross-cultural analysis: When you conduct and motivate people to share opinions from their different cultural backgrounds.
– Using Visual/Verbal/Written brainstorming: When we include all tangible communication tools in a brainstorming session, we apply senses, speak, write, and touch in practising with words, images and materials.
– Develop unique colour decisions from the consensual agreement: When we linked different ideas into groups and developed unique ones from the initial results
– Finalisation: When we revise again and again to refine the decision developed by group competence.”

When facilitating my noblest task is to set a frame where the participants feel safe and free, to assure that everybody feel comfortable in expression themself, that all opinions will be heard.

“Marie-Louise is a very trained and skilled facilitator who is able to structure and lead complex processes applying her own version of a meta plan method. Her curiousity in ideas of others paired with her sharpness in guiding processes of sorting and analysing them provide workshops with a high level of creativity and trust within absolute democracy.”
Judith Klingenfeldt, head of womens’ wear Henrik Vibskov

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