Look at the EU’s measures as a gift, instead of a mountain that can be difficult to break down.

“I am a practitioner. I absorb knowledge by working with materials and processes, and in collaboration with people having different skills than mine. Development takes place in that field. Practitioners develop the future, afterwards it becomes academic” MLR

My knowledge about fibres and materials as well as know-how about the production of textiles – woven, non-woven, knit and warp knit, print and embroidery is practical and empirical. In addition, I have a long experience in working with textile technicians/engineers and designers within interior and fashion; A knowledge of how the world works and how to make everyone satisfied with both the process and the result – despite change.

“MLR set out in a clear and inspiring manner the upcoming trends, how to use fibers towards a sustainable way of thinking.
It’s all about combining everyone’s skills – designers, technicians and engineers.
Leo Ferreira, Pocargil, Portugal

Courses for educational institutions:

Material   Trends   Colour trends

You can easily become blind at home! A pair of fresh eyes helps

My approach in your company could be:

  • Analysis of the company’s situation – as a whole or as selected areas.
  • Ideas or idea catalogue for what you can do and the achieved effect
  • Down-to-earth guidance and sparring for implementation

I provide eyes and broad experience from sustainable context, knowledge, industry, trend research as well as design method plus good portion of common sense!  With these tools, I can analyse where it is obvious for you to start the green transition. After the measures needed are selected impact and costs are carefully assessed.

Together we can implement the knowledge in your own design- and developing process, we can go through the process together, from a practical, functional point of view as always.

Goes without saying that the service is  tailored to your needs – do you want to start small, we start small…

Remember that we are building the road as we walk it.