Acoustics and decoration for CNA insurance

”In connection with a major renovation of our offices in a historical mansion, we removed the old suspended ceilings and a number of walls. Subsequently we established some glass-walls, resulting in much lighter and useful offices with beautiful stucco ceilings. Unfortunately these changes led to problems with acoustics. To counter this we had acoustic-boards mounted in offices, meeting rooms and the desk-area. They were printed with photographs from our own marketing-material, colorized in CNA-colors and adapted to the style and design of each office.
These acoustic-boards are quite effective in damping unpleasant reverberations and eccos that often occur in large rooms with hard surfaces. All in all a really great, and effective solution for the price
Klaus Ravn, Regional Director, CNA Insurance Company Limited”


The regional director of CNA, Klaus Ravn, wished to strengthen the cooperate brand internally to the employees in the office. Together we pinned down how the signals should differ from room to room to emphasize the purposes of the various rooms. From the CNA’s own image bank we choose the photos having the right mood; photos which at the same time were suitable for the graphic adaptation that turned the images from publicity into decoration. We used colours from the CNA-design manual in the graphic design.