Knitted Upholstery

ZERO Textile is a totally new way of approaching upholstery fabric. The design is bringing the technique of knitting fully fashioned sweater into upholstery. The fabric is coming of the knitting machine “ready-to-wear” for the the sofa, just have to insert the cushions. ZERO comes from zero waste, because there is no cutting wasting. True innovation and sustainability by textile design.

The fabric is designed and developed ZERO Textile for the sofa NEXT STOP designed by Luca Nichetto for the spanish company Sancal.
Next Stop Sofa is modular, so is the fabric; you can knit a piece as long as you need with no junktions. The fabric is knitted in wool and even though it gives the homey feeling, it meets all the requirements for the contract market.
Photo: Sancal and Sven Berggreen

Zero Textile was presented during the Milano furniture fair in April ’19; it was selected for the magazine Wallpaper’s exclusive exhibition “Handmade” and ranked as the most innovative furniture and upholstery by more design magazines.