Made Responsibly

when 2021 who MENU what Interior accessories where Denmark recognition Selected for RO / Guiltlessplastic Milan ’21

My first meeting with Menu turned into being the kick off for their Responsibly Made collection, the cocoon textile collection.

Menu Space set up the team of Mathias Mentze, Alexander V. Ottenstein, architects, and me, textile designer. Our collaboration was a research into our different fields, a discovery of values and role models we have in common, our passion for textures and materiality.

Mathias and Alexander dived into the mountains of samples I have woven over the years; designs I have developed for curtains they wanted to use for tea towels and napkins. Rediscover my designs through their eyes was a great experience.

Textures unfamiliar to napkins. The coloured stripe, we all know from traditional French towels, is inspiration. Napkins in pure linen.

Weaves and open areas designed for curtains takes the decoration aspect of tea towels to next level. The tea towels are in 100 % cotton.

Cushions are very simple, it’s all in the material, a subtle surface – Effect yarn is special made to avoid synthetics, to obtain a pure wool – and interesting! product. The mantra of the Responsibly Made collection is ‘Keep material streams clean’.

Plaids are made in wool and silk, utterly soft and luxurious touch – to maintain the woven texture, we have only felted them very lightly.
All is produced in Europe.